Progress of 1 Jacaranda Tree sprouted in 2012

Here are my young seedlings on April 5th, 2012



4 foot tall

7 foot tall - about 8 months old

Now it was time to face the cold.
I built a large pop-up tent measuring 8 feet x 8 feet x 30 feet
to protect the tree, many smaller plants in bags and also my chickens.

The tree went through much abuse. First I dropped a 10 foot pole that sheared branches off one side.
Then I left the end of the tent open and a sudden squall whipped the tarp around until it broke the top off the tree.
The top grew back but then a storm broke the pvc frame and the tip of the tree broke off again.
It grew back again but one day I was attempting to bend it and although the tree is so supple that I can touch the tip to the ground,
the tip is suprisingly brittle and I broke it off for the third time! This time it did not grow back.

When Spring came, many sprouts developed on the tree but only near the ground.
On 4/17/13, I chopped the trunk down to 1 foot in height & removed all the new sprouts except for 1 that was about 5 inches from the ground

By 5/30/13, the tree was now about 3 foot tall.
I chopped the trunk down to about 4 inches in height.

The bark quickly began to swallow the scar.

By 7/7/13, the tree had reached 6 foot in height.

By 8/5/13, the tree had reached 8 foot in height.

By 9/1/13, the tree has reached 10 foot in height.

By Thanksgiving, the tree reached 12 feet tall!

I didn't protect it last Winter & chopped it to the ground again.
It survived & resprouted this Spring.
I removed all but one sprout but damaged it by dragging the hose over it.
It stopped growing from that branch but sprouted again from 10 new places.
I allowed them all to stay and it is becoming a bush this year.
Next year I'll probably chop it to the ground again & return it to a single-trunked specimen.

Jacaranda trees can only survive the freezes in North Central Florida
once they have become well established.

Transplant these and take them indoors when temps hit the 30's.
Plant them in the ground next Spring and cover with deep mulch next Winter and wrap the trunk.

Do not plant near any patios, walkways, pools or other areas where you don't want to clean up
the many blossoms that these trees can produce once they mature.

They can carpet the ground, as seen with these mature trees.